On Red Sox, Celtics and women’s hoop

Floating down a lonesome stream of consciousness, bewildered at the thought that splitting a four-game series in Seattle has spurred unbridled optimism in even a single Red Sox fan …

Or maybe that bewilderment is just a side-effect on the long, detailed discussion on who will/should/could be chosen by the Patriots with the third pick in the NFL Draft.

That is, unless they find a team willing to hand over three or four lower picks, and maybe a real, live NFL veteran, that could fill one of the Pats’ varied needs. Or they make a deal but then still pick a quarterback available deeper into the first round.

The NFL Draft is scheduled for April 25, 26 and 27. Because ESPN knows every analytics addict on Earth is going to stay with them for three days, the first round takes one day, rounds two and three take one day, and rounds four, five, six and seven will bring it to a boffo finish.

The analysis here: The Pats should take the best player available …

Monday night represented a giant step up for NCAA women’s basketball. The showdown between Caitlin Clark/Iowa and Angel Reese/LSU was a topic of conversation like nothing that has, or will, come out of the men’s tournament.

Has there been another must-watch NCAA women’s hoop game just to get to the Final Four? …

As the regular season staggers to a close, the Celtics are all-but guaranteed to hold the best record in the league – and the least-trusted top team entering the playoffs. They could blow through the East and slap down Denver in the finals or endure an early pratfall.

Neither outcome should be considered a shocker. …

The Red Sox brought a 2-2 record into Oakland on Monday night, meaning they have a decent shot at going into Anaheim at 5-2.

Ah, nothing like a series with the Long-Season Single A’s to put a bounce in your step.

Savor the wins, but don’t be fooled into thinking this ballclub will compete for anything beyond fourth place. And that only happens if everything breaks right.

Remember an ancient baseball proverb:

April is the shakedown cruise.