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A’s should move to Sacramento now

As the Red Sox fled Oakland, they may well have played their final game at the crumbling, 60-going-on-200-year-old Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

They surely must hope so.

The A’s say they are moving to Sacramento for the 2025 season as they await the construction of their new home in Las Vegas. That is scheduled to take three years.

Apparently digging big holes and filling them with iron and steel and all that other stuff that magically morphs into a ballpark takes a bit longer than it might in cities that are not built by creating large holes in visitors’ savings.

That statement is in no way a reflection of the money Vegas has snatched from this scribe’s pockets. If you can’t have fun in Vegas, you are not trying even a smidgen.

Meanwhile, having never visited Sacramento, all it says here is that it is the capital of California and is home to a Pacific Coast League team called the River Kings. The ballpark, Sutter Health Park, is going to be upgraded (mostly to keep the players pampered and the owners profitable).

Online, it already looks far better than the Mausoleum. At least there were no chunks of diminished concrete scattered about.

Sacramento has been buttered up by MLB, with Commissioner Rob Manfred cooing about eventual expansion plans and the possibility of a team landing on their doorstep after the A’s are off to SIn City.

Essentially, this is going to be a three-year audition for Sacramento. While the thought of two more big-league teams is nauseating to anyone who cares only about big-league baseball standards, MLB moguls would pocket some walking-around money.

Sacramento has supported the NBA Kings consistently, not always getting a whole lot in return.

As for Oakland, no. Make that H-E-L-L N-O!

Forget about building new stadiums. Oakland couldn’t maintain the dump it already has.

Just as it lost its NFL franchise to Vegas, it deserves to lose its baseball team.