Celtics are impossible to figure out

The white flag is hoisted.

It is time to give up trying to figure out the Celtics.

Now that certainly isn’t a call to give up on their season. One loss in the first playoff series is hardly cause to kick them to the curb.

But for anyone who has tried to fathom what the most talented team in the NBA is thinking when they lose is for greater minds than this one.

That, of course, was never a particularly high bar to clear.

Watching the basketball slop they delivered in Game 2 on Wednesday night against the Heat inspired exasperation, with a healthy scoop of annoyment.

Essentially the Celtics held on to the style they featured in Game 1, when a 30-point lead looked poised to completely melt down.

They began gathering around the 3-point arc, passing the ball around until someone declared himself ready to launch a 3.

Once that failed, they reverted to another malady that seems to haunt them. As the Heat scurried closer to the finish line, the Celtics couldn’t make a layup. Contested or uncontested, they clanged shots within arm’s length of the rim.

That expanded to an inability to hit anything within 10 feet of the basket. 

Combine all of the above and it is astounding the Heat didn’t run away with a 30-point lead.

The major reason the Heat couldn’t simply blow them out of the building in drilling  23 3-pointers is that Miami is not a particularly good team. It is a mediocre team that became red hot.

And for reasons that are not on speaking terms with common sense, the Celtics spent too much time trying to match them, until they began frittering away far too many opportunities in the paint.

The Celtics will win this series. It still says here that they will emerge from these playoffs with a championship.

But it could be one of the most annoying championship runs of all time.