Celtics do their job

Maybe the Celtics are able to dominate teams at will.

Maybe there is a switch they can collectively flip.

Maybe this is how they will blow through the NBA playoffs.

Their playoff run began Sunday afternoon with the Celts treating the Miami Heat as they treated so many foes throughout the regular season.

Sometimes they start slow and run them off the floor in the second period. Or the third period. Or even the fourth period, when they appear determined to drive the opposition, and Celtics fans, into a prolonged manic state.

The common denominator is their ability to conjure one run in which they take a decisive lead, then endure whatever runs the other guys can make. 

The Heat had to trudge out of the Garden after their 114-94 loss at least a little bit bewildered. From start to finish, they trailed. They were down 14-0 in a blink. Eventually they trailed by 34 points and the Garden crowd enveloped them in a ceaseless din.

Only once did the Celtics seem the least bit vulnerable. Their lead was halved to 15 as the home stretch beckoned … as if it really mattered.

By the time the Heat fully grasped that they had the chair pulled out from under them, they got nasty in the closing minutes. 

But they lacked the energy to throw a hurtful elbow.

Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Jrue Holiday, Kristaps Porzingis, Derrick White, et al. are said to be the most talented team in the NBA. They are expected to win a championship.

After their first playoff game, those expectations remain perfectly reasonable.