NFL players slam Pats in survey

Even in February, even with the Celtics looking unstoppable, and the Bruins groping for a way to start winning again, and the Red Sox reconfiguring deckchairs on their completely sinkable club …

The post-dynasty Patriots sneak back into the spotlight. 

Make that a searing, unforgiving spotlight.

In a survey on work environments and player facilities taken by the NFL Players Association, the Patriots landed at No. 29. That puts them three rotten steps ahead of the worst of the worst.

Don’t offer any empty alibis.

They didn’t get hip-deep in the sludge because Bill Belichick was a meanie.

And don’t take a drip of solace because the Kansas City Chiefs came in at No. 31. 

The Chiefs have a roster brimming with talent. The Patriots have a roster brimming with Mac Joneses.

Specifically, the Patriots’ received the following grades.

Treatment of families: F-minus.

Weight room: F.

Team travel: D.

Team ownership: D-plus. (You know how that must have stung.)

Locker room: C-minus.

Strength coaches: C-minus.

Training room: C.

They fared a bit better in the remaining categories.

Food/Cafeteria: B-minus.

Nutritionist/dietician: B-minus.

Training staff: B-minus.

Head coach: B-minus. (And that must have stung a little more.)

There are specific reasons for the grades listed at Their worst grade, for shoddy treatment of families, is astounding.

The Pats are one of 12 teams that don’t have a family room available during games and are one seven teams that provide no day-care help during games.

Had Jonathan Kraft brought home such a report card, dad would’ve grounded him for six months.

The survey drew 1,706 responses, representing about 60 percent of NFL  players. Since presidential elections only attract half of the nation’s eligible voters, that is certainly reasonable.

Yes, these players all earn lots of money, at least compared to nearly all their fans. And when they get enough cash thrown at them they’ll sign with the highest bidder, regardless of whether day care is offered.

But once they are with a team, and their team hits rough patches – like a 4-13 season – you better believe this stuff is going to dampen their enthusiasm.

A franchise making billions of dollars, and with the dough rolling in from the other businesses with space at Patriot Place, is shameful.