July 8, 1998

July 8, 1998 In his first Red Sox season, Pedro Martinez needed little time to establish his bona fides as The Ace. He went into the All Star Game with a record of 11-2, an ERA of 2.87 and the swagger of a man who knows he’s the best pitcher in the big-leagues. Martinez also showed a penchant for not always handling disappointment well. He was justified in expecting to start for the American League, but manager Mike Hargrove thought otherwise.  Martinez told Hargrove that if he didn’t need him would appreciate the night off. Hargrove told ...

July 1, 1962

July 1, 1962 Ted Williams, of all media-loathing Hall of Famers, joined the Knights of the Keyboard. On this date, his byline appeared on Page 1 of the Boston Globe as he spanked Major League Baseball for once again holding two All Star Games. “When there was only one All Star Game a year it was an occasion. People made a point of staying home to listen to it, and, in the city where the game was being played, tickets were bought months ahead of time and shown off like family jewels.” MLB ultimately agreed and went ...

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