Meet new, improved baseball

Big changes for MLB; for Red Sox, not so much Historically, real change in Major League Baseball’s methods of operation is anchored by tradition. That’s why 2023 will be truly revolutionary. Pitchers will have to obey a ticking clock. Batters won’t be allowed to leave the box indefinitely, fiddling with whatever they choose to fiddle with. Bases will be larger. Fielders will not be allowed to congregate, en masse, on one side of second base, guided by statistical analysis. Pitchers and catchers will communicate electronically. And to think that the American League’s creation of the  designated hitter ...

Murky days ahead

No Sale may seal Red Sox' fate So, the 2022 Red Sox season ends not with a bang but with a broken pinky. This isn’t meant as a slight to the world’s little fingers. And it certainly isn’t to suggest that Chris Sale should try to pitch with his left pinky in an itty, bitty cast. It’s just that, for posterity’s sake, pennant hopes that succumb to a bum shoulder, or elbow, or knee, sound formidable. Watching a team fade away with the wave of a little finger does not have a proper sense of drama. Then ...

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