Oct. 24, 1998

Oct. 24, 1998 Mo Vaughn took his first step out the Red Sox’ door, filing for free agency. Since he had long since stopped talking to anyone in management, no one expected him to engage in any serious negotiations. During the summer of 1998, the Red Sox offered him a four-year, $37 million deal. It was rejected out of hand. Vaughn was coming off a year that would make anyone in the market for a slugging first baseman notice. He batted .337 with 40 home runs and 115 RBIs. Almost as soon as Vaughn could field offers from teams other ...

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July 29, 1998

July 29, 1998 Mo Vaughn’s departure from the Red Sox took a few more giant leaps toward reality. That Vaughn and Dan Duquette were not on good terms had long been established. Then the sordid details that had not already dribbled into the public discourse were on the march. It was reported that beyond his loathing of the Red Sox general manager Vaughn’s disgust with Boston’s ugly battles with racism, past and present, gave him great pause in signing a contract extension.  Vaughn said his misgivings were more directly related to allegations of drug use and demands ...

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