No call is the best call?

Chiefs lose ... what an embarrassment There must be something missing in the NFL rulebook. A disclaimer needs to appear to clear up the nonsense over the silly offsides penalty that cost the Kansas City Chiefs a win Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. It could go like this: “If one of these rules is broken in the closing seconds of a game and would cost the offending team a victory, that violation must be ignored.” Patrick Mahomes says so, as does Mahomes’ coach, Andy Reid. And not only did the offside call on Chiefs receiver Kadarius Toney clinch the Bills’ ...

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It should be a nice evening, even for Pats fans

Vth straight Super Bowl without Pats has its advantages Something good – or at least OK – has come with the Patriots absent from the last V Super Bowls. The game can be appreciated, or disdained, on its own merits. The ref calls holding on a lunkhead offensive lineman? Or pass interference when a receiver trips on his own shoestrings? An extra-point kick tumbles wide right? Eh … pass the nachos. No need to lose any emotional reins. The beer will be just as cold after an Eagles or a Chiefs touchdown. Boneheaded plays can be downright ...

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