Of kings and fools

Tom Brady should retire; Antonio Brown should just leave Since one and all seem to agree that we just witnessed the most entertaining weekend of football ever produced by the NFL, how about two reality slaps up-side our collective noggin. After all, that's what our fellowship of ink-stained wretches are supposed to do. Then again, since we are no longer very ink-stained, how about carpal-tunneled wretches? First came the speculation that Tom Brady may be ready to call it a career. After the Tampa Bay Bucs lost Sunday, depriving Brady of a shot at being quarterback of the ...

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Brady ducking for cover?

Bucs whiffed on taking another chance with Brown It’s impossible for anyone with a sliver of conscience to rip Antonio Brown and not allow for possibility that he really does suffer from a mental health problem. Without the proper alphabet soup at the end of our names, diagnosing the man is far beyond our skillset. Tom Brady, who majored in Organizational Studies at Michigan, gave it his best shot Sunday after what is politely referred to as Antonio Brown’s meltdown. Brady’s Buccaneers were struggling against the New York Jets. Brady’s coach, Bruce Arians, asked Brown to go into ...

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