Oct. 10, 1978

Oct. 10, 1978 For the teams not actively involved, the World Series is an informal convention of clubs plotting their next championship chase. Trades are not made, but the executives are letting one another know that of their wants and what they are willing to give to reel them in. Nine days after their dreams of grandeur dissolved with Bucky Dent’s three-run pop fly into the net, the Red Sox were beginning their mating dances. General manager Haywood Sullivan was known to have some interest in Houston’s Bob Watson (who he acquired the following summer) and Joe Sambito (who landed ...

Suddenly, the darkness set in at Fenway

Red Sox can't rely on magic anymore Long before they landed with a ferocious thud, battered by the Astros’ seven-run ninth, the ground beneath the Red Sox began crumbling. Their mystical ride through the American League Championship Series seemed right on course in the first inning. Houston’s Alex Bregman gave the Astros a lead by plopping a classic Fenway homer into the front row of The Wall seats. And as if on cue, Xander Bogaerts wiped it out with a two-run shot onto Lansdowne Street in the bottom of the inning. Now if this were Friday, Saturday ...

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Sale takes ball for Game 1

Red Sox chase Astros for another upset Checking the odds from bookmakers from here and far away, the Houston Astros are favored to end the Red Sox’ magical mystery tour. Not even the loss of Lance McCullers, their ace, has dragged the Astros behind Boston This should not be surprising. After all, the fact that the Red Sox knocked off the top seed in the American League playoffs, the 100-win Tampa Bay Rays, didn’t make the sharpies blink. Frankly, assessing injuries, matchups between this hitter and that pitcher and all other off-day prattle makes for good conversation ...

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