Sept. 17, 1958

Sept. 17, 1958 In their sixth season since abandoning Boston, the Braves were on the verge of winning their first National League pennant since 1948 - and their first World Series since 1914. The ballclub was in Milwaukee. Braves Field had become Nickerson Field, and Boston University had begun dismantling the old yard by ripping down the left-field pavilion. But, there were no doubt some Braves fans roaming the streets still unable to let go. They were delighted to see that the Braves defeated the Giants (finishing their first season in San Francisco) and led Pittsburgh by ...

Hawks have the Celtics snarling

Boston set to brush aside Atlanta Once the Celtics finish off this opening series, offer warm regards to the Atlanta Hawks. A slightly less-than middling ballclub, no one expected the Hawks to provide the Celtics much of anything resembling a test. Their perceived role was that of a sparring partner, a collection of so-so talent (and Trae Young) who, as someone once murmured, was just glad to be there. Four games, a big sigh, and on to the first tee. They picked off a win at the Garden, which didn’t faze the Celtics in the least. Boston ...

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