Sept. 18, 1963

Sept. 18, 1963 Upon arriving in Oakland, the Patriots found out that they would have their starting quarterback four days later against the Raiders. Babe Parilli said that the nerve problem in his right arm responded well to treatment from a University of Southern Calif., doctor, would keep him on the sidelines. That came as some relief to Patriots coach Mike Holovak. The Pats struggled in a Week 2 win at San Diego. With Parilli at the helm, the Patriots beat Oakland, 20-14, at Frank Youell Field, a 22,000 makeshift venue the Raiders called home before the ...

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Nov. 4, 1962

Nov. 4, 1962 Ties have always been an unpopular end to any game, in any sport, at any level. Players and coaches growl, fans sigh, bettors bark at a push. But when Babe Parilli led the Boston Patriots on two scoring drives starting near the end of the third quarter, a 28-28 standoff with the Buffalo Bills was much better than a loss. It kept the Pats atop the American Football League Eastern Division at 5-2-1; a loss would have left them tied with 4-3 Houston. Parilli hit 20 of 33 passes for 287 yards, at that ...

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