Say what?

Who to believe, Rob Gronkowski edition Before sneering at Rob Gronkowski's latest retirement announcement, one of the dumbest statements in the rich history of sports talk floated through the airwaves Wednesday morning. In discussing the wisdom of the Red Sox locking down Rafael Devers to a long-term contract, this gem pierced the cloud cover: “They didn't keep Mookie Betts and they haven't won a World Series since.” Uhh … what? Have we reached the point of shameless entitlement that three seasons without a championship should be regarded as sheer torture? This is not meant to defend the ...

Who really runs Bucs?

Brady and Arians are great pals ... really Bruce Arians says that Tom Brady's un-retirement from quarterbacking has nothing to do with his retirement from coaching. Brady says Arians' retirement from coaching has nothing to do with his un-retirement from quarterbacking. It is nothing but pure happenstance that Brady announced his un-retirement on March 13 and Arians slipped behind the curtains into the Buccaneers front office on March 30. Such intrigue is rooted in the notion that public comment need not be rooted in truth. Politicians have known this for years. Celebrities understand it the moment they ...

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