Right again

Tom Brady walks away at the near-perfect moment Why did we doubt for even a nano-second that Tom Brady would make the 2021-22 season his last? You’d think that coming back from a 28-3 deficit to win a Super Bowl would forever fortify blind faith. Brady has an uncanny acumen for making the right calls, particularly when the stakes are high. His health, and his legacy, cap that list. His wife has made no secret about her desire to see him call it a career. His kids are reaching an age at which they could most use him ...

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Of kings and fools

Tom Brady should retire; Antonio Brown should just leave Since one and all seem to agree that we just witnessed the most entertaining weekend of football ever produced by the NFL, how about two reality slaps up-side our collective noggin. After all, that's what our fellowship of ink-stained wretches are supposed to do. Then again, since we are no longer very ink-stained, how about carpal-tunneled wretches? First came the speculation that Tom Brady may be ready to call it a career. After the Tampa Bay Bucs lost Sunday, depriving Brady of a shot at being quarterback of the ...

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