MLB claims big win

Shorter games are great; expansion? Not so much Major League Baseball has claimed victory in its war excruciatingly long, tedious games. Commissioner Rob Manfred reports that the average time for a nine-inning game has fallen 26 minutes, coming in at 2 hours, 38 minutes. MLB Players Association chief Tony Clark is hopeful that a few seconds be added for the post-season. After all, no one wants to see a team eliminated by a timing violation. Preventing that should be simple:  Batters, get in the box.  Pitchers, throw the ball. Problem solved. Post-season games are already subject to ...

Brady’s future should be clear

Brady has nothing to gain by playing another year Tom Brady should retire. That is, he should retire as an NFL quarterback. Or Any-Sort-Of-FL quarterback. Seeing him play part of a game here, part of a game there, may not be much of a sample size to reach such a conclusion. Seeing him play Monday night pushed these toes to the edge of the rhetorical cliff. Listening to various opinions Tuesday morning provided the final nudge. The consensus of all that hot air was that Monday’s stink-bomb against Dallas was that Brady is done in Tampa Bay. ...

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Well, look who changed his mind

Tom Brady says he is back It didn’t take six months for Tom Brady to unretire. It didn’t even take him six weeks. Five weeks and five days after defoliating forests for newspaper special sections and flooding the airwaves with breathless kudos for his unrivaled career, Brady said Sunday that he changed his mind. He did it in a Tweet. Tweets don’t ask questions. He may save those for his next scheduled chit-chat with his manservant, Jim Gray. “These past two months I’ve realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands. That time ...

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