May 23, 1972

May 23, 1972 One more link to the old Boston Patriots was on the verge of fading away. The Boston Globe reported that general manager Upton Bell was shopping around running back Jim Nance. The team’s career rushing leader and the 1966 American Football League MVP was on the trading block mainly because he had one of the highest salaries on the roster. Also, Bell drafted two running backs, Josh Ashton and John Tarver, thus making Nance more expendable. You May Have Missed... Fresh Content Direct to Your Inbox Subscribe Now ...

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April 27, 1972

April 27, 1972 Patriots General Manager Upton Bell extricated himself from a self-made jam by giving Fred Dryer what he wanted – a way out of New England. Bell traded for the mercurial defensive end by shipping a first-round draft pick to the New York Giants. He got a first-round pick from the Los Angeles Rams, where Dryer wanted to go all along, with defensive lineman Rick Cash. Dryer demanded a long-term deal from the Pats that would've made him the highest paid defensive lineman in the NFL. Billy Sullivan and family weren't exactly known for throwing ...

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