Oct. 26, 1948

Oct. 26, 1948 Walter Brown, principally noted as founder of the Boston Celtics, was also the president of the Boston Garden-Arena Corporation. Truth be told, it was Brown’s never-ending quest to fill the Garden’s and the old Boston Arena’s calendars that inspired his creating the Celtics. Once the C’s got rolling Brown found a place for them close in his heart - and that was before they started winning championships. The Boston Olympics, on the other hand, were simply a Bruins farm team that Brown booked at the Garden and Arena from 1940-1952. On this day they were a sparring ...

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Jan. 28, 1958

Jan. 18, 1958 Despite winning the 1956-57 NBA championship, the Celtics suffered a dip in attendance, leaving it at an average crowd of 9,236 per game. Celtics owner Walter Brown said he was “confused” by the turnstile slump. “I can't believe that Boston won't support a winner,” Brown told the Boston Globe. “On the other hand, the Bruins continue to pack them in no matter what happens.” On this date, the Celtics were 32-13, the best record in the NBA. The Bruins were 17-20-11. Brown tried another gimmick to draw some folks into the Garden the following ...

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Jan. 25, 1958

Jan. 25, 1958 Tommy Heinsohn scored 27 points and hauled in 15 rebounds to lead the Celtics in a 125-104 win over the New York Knickerbockers at Boston Madison Square Garden. Forgive the urge to lob the original name of the Garden when it was built in 1927 by Tex Rickard, who owned the old New York Madison Square Garden. Before the game, Knicks coach Vince Boryla learned he had been fined $325 – then the second-largest fine in NBA history – for charging referee Lou Eisenstein in a game two weeks earlier. The Celtics’ win was ...

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