Dirty business, starring Udoka

Celtics management churns more rumors, speculation So what did Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck and basketball operations head Brad Stevens say Friday morning? They confirmed that coach Ime Udoka was suspended for the season. They confirmed that Udoka was suspended for a “violation of team policy.” They confirmed that the violation was something more than swiping Sharpies from the from the supply closet. They confirmed that assistant coach Joe Mazzula will serve as the head coach. From there, they didn’t say much about anything a fan might consider important. They might be trespassing into legal mine fields by ...

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Marcus Smart is physically incapable of passing up a stupid shot

Marcus Smart is physically incapable of passing up a stupid shot Since the Celtics look like they are carelessly throwing around sacks of money they should consider lobbing a sack or two this way. This 63-year-old man, with no athletic skills to speak of, can promise: Not to chuck poorly timed 3-pointers. Or make ridiculous 1-on-3 drives to the hoop. Or engage in any other conduct worthy of the term ill-advised. Scratch that; ill-advised isn’t quite strong enough. Make that stupid. Or ridiculous. Or maddening. Marcus Smart is not without his strengths. He plays solid defense. He ...

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