Pats need time … and patience

Floating down a lonesome stream of consciousness, wondering how long it will take Alex Verdugo to wear out his welcome in the Bronx. …

Give the Patriots credit for curing their Mac Jones headache.

As for the rest of their moves since the NFL free agent player bazaar … well, if the goal was to stay in the Blue Light Special aisle and take a flier on a few guys, more kudos.

That clearly doesn’t equate with new head coach Jerod Mayo’s vow that the Pats were ready to “burn some cash” on player procurement, teeing up outcries from the masses..

Never mind that he walked back that vow after a second thought popped into his head – or was planted there by his bosses;

Tom Werner called an oopsie on himself after his “full throttle” assessment of the Red Sox’ approach to roster building. That didn’t do much to quell the tidal wave of jeers he endured.

The Patriots have time to burn significant dough. The third pick in the NFL Draft remains a nice chip to toss onto the table if the right deal presents itself.

Let’s give Mayo a mulligan on this one. There is no doubt that patience with the Pats’ rebuild is required by fans whose genetics call for growls at requests for delayed gratification.

But it might make the 2024 season easier to digest. …

Ridding themselves of Alex Verdugo’s bloated sense of self importance was a step forward for the Red Sox. Verdugo’s penchant for tardiness and pouting are well chronicled.

Early reports from the Yankees training camp suggest that Verdugo has begun his trek down that path.

That could make for some entertaining moments from afar.