Mahomes makes KC the obvious pick

When in doubt, go with the better quarterback.

Asked a time or three this week who will win the Super Bowl, that was my bottom line. Since the Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes and the 49ers have Brock Purdy, the pick seems obvious.

Nothing against Purdy. Seeing him for bits and pieces of a game here and there does not qualify anyone to assess his abilities,

Watching Mahomes take the long route to this Super Bowl served as a reminder as to his abilities and how he makes the Chiefs a better team even when his numbers are not dazzling.

Beating the Bills in Buffalo and the Ravens in Baltimore is as tough a road as any team has traveled in recent memory. Kansas City also hammered Miami at home, but since MIami never looked all that impressive from here, that seemed more like a scrimmage.

Making a pick based solely on the QBs requires the obvious disclaimer: The better quarterback does not always win. If someone wants to make a case that Eli Manning and Nick Foles are better than Tom Brady … well, tighten your grip on reality.

The Chiefs have a clearly superior defense. Apparently, having a young defense doesn’t mean having a wobbly defense.

There is only one reason to pick San Francisco, and that one would not exist if Travis Kelce wasn’t dating her.

Living comfortably beneath a cultural lock means having no context in which to stuff Taylor Swift. She is said to be a great singer and songwriter, but her music is of no great interest here, not being a country music connoisseur.

Time Magazine made her its Person of the Year for 2023. Not bothering to buy that issue means not knowing why Time made that pick.

Someone mentioned that she endorsed President Biden before the 2020 election and that she thinks Donald Trump is a buffoon, so we share that ideological bond.

But the string of stories about her, in print and on the air, has become annoying.

It is not sufficiently annoying, though, to pick against the Chiefs on Sunday.

Chiefs 24, 49ers 14.

Swift will get plenty of TV time dancing in her luxury suite.