Gino Cappelletti one of a kind

As a reference point, it is easier referring to the Fenway Park Patriots than citing the club’s vagabond trail that led them there and the one that led them from there to Foxboro.

The Fenway Park Patriots officially existed from 1962-1968. It began with Pats owner Billy Sullivan and Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey calling on the city and/or state to build a multi-purpose stadium.

That idea began an implosion when the 1967 Red Sox won the American League pennant and fans resumed flocking to the Fens.

In 1965 the Red Sox drew 652,201 fans. In 1968 they drew 1,940,788.

In business-speak this translated to “Hey Billy. Get lost.”

A kid from Exeter, N.H., never saw the Pats at Fenway but discovered the team’s existence during those seasons. And there was one member of the Fenway Park Patriots who was there for it all.

Gino Cappelletti, the American Football League’s greatest placekicker also played wide receiver. He served as an assistant coach and eventually became half of a superb radio broadcast team with Gil Santos.

No pro football player had such a varied, 51-year tenure with one team.

For the first 51 years of this franchise’s history, Gino contributed as an all-star player, assistant coach and broadcaster. You couldn’t be a Patriots fan during that era and not be a fan of Gino’s,” Pats owner Bob Kraft said in a statement. “As great of a player as he was, he was an even better person and storyteller.”

That’s what made Cappelletti and Santos click. They were of a similar mindset when it came to the Patriots. No one questioned their allegiance to the team. But they understood how to keep that bond to themselves when the Pats deserved a rhetorical kick in the rear.

There were plenty of seasons that inspired far more exasperation than celebration.

When Adam Vinatieri’s field goal sailed through the goal posts to give the Patriots their first Super Bowl win, they reacted viscerally, as did Patriots fans everywhere.

For those too young to recall the Fenway Park Patriots, it may be mind boggling to grasp that one man was there pre-Fenway, post-Fenway, all the way to Schaefer Stadium and Gillette Stadium.

Fans of the Fenway Park Patriots are fortunate to maintain some great memories.

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