Pats need to study that image in the mirror

For those who are inclined to root out alibis when the Patriots lose, the officials handed them one at the end of Sunday night’s act of dreary futility.

Before review, Cole Strange did cross the yard to gain for a first down.

After further, Strange did cross the yard to gain for a first down.

Unfortunately, the refs didn’t agree. Miami took possession of the ball at its own 33 with 1:24 to play.

Don’t drown your sorrows until you driven home safely.

It’s not as if driving the remaining 33 yards for a touchdown was a predestined. It’s more likely that Mac Jones would’ve taken one more body slam.

One play that encapsulated the ugly affair ended the first quarter – and delusions that the Pats were poised to turn the corner from mediocrity to pretty good.

Jones threw to Demario Douglas for a first down inside the Miami 30 … until Bradley Chubb swooped in and punched the ball out of Douglas’ grasp.

Promising drive, quick response to the Dolphins’ field goal to open the scoring … oops.

This is not a suggestion that Douglas’ fumble cost them the game, but it encapsulates a level of frustration currently haunting the Patriots.

Their greatest flaw was, is, and will continue to be an offensive line so porous that may well get the quarterback’s head knocked off.

Considering the number of hits took – and not just the three sacks that effectively killed three possessions – Jones had a reasonably good game. That he only threw for 289 yards is more a reflection of his targets than his abilities

Sunday night the line couldn’t pass block and couldn’t run block. Failing at those pursuits pretty much confirms that your offensive line is awful.

Ah, but what a great pitch from Mike Geisicki to Cole Strange.

When your best shot of winning hangs on a fourth-down lateral from MIke Gesicki to Cole Strange, your team has lots of problems.

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