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Bloom should look to wheel a deal

Rarely does a two-week span in July wield lasting influence on playoff races. So, don’t get too giddy if the Red Sox bash the Rays and Yankees between now and the All-Star break.

And if the Red Sox do a big-time pratfall, don’t shift gears by counting the days until Bill Belichick dons his summer cut-offs and starts barking at his Patriots.

Teams don’t have to be elite to qualify for Major League Baseball’s playoffs. Good is good; even pretty good is often enough.

If winning the division remained the standard, this season would already be history. The Yankees are not going to fritter away their big lead.

Focus on the wild-card slots. Actually, focus on the top wild-card slot, which eliminates the need for the one-game playoff, or play-in, or whatever it is called on official MLB caps and t-shirts.

In April, the Red Sox looked capable of winning between 85 and 90 games. Nothing has happened to change that view, at least not from this scribe’s cubbyhole.

The great discussion has centered on whether Chaim Bloom should wheel a deal between now and the trade deadline. Oops … please correct that.

The great discussion has centered on whether Chaim Bloom should be a seller or a buyer. The first would indicate that Bloom is confident that the Red Sox are a legitimate playoff contender. The latter would indicate that smoke and mirrors are responsible for outsized expectations.

The trade deadline will fall between July 28 and August 3. Commissioner Rob Manfred will let us know the specific day once ESPN tells him.

Some of the gossip preceding the deadline is truly entertaining. Settle in at the neighborhood tavern and listen to the guy on the next stool prattle on over how many quality quality pitchers the Red Sox might steal from teams willing to take a box of rusty nails in return?

Bloom should be on the lookout for any quality ballplayer that comes at a reasonable price, regardless of position. Most folks are adamant that pitching is the Red Sox’ greatest need. Their rotation is spotty and banged up. Their bullpen is unpredictable.

But the lineup doesn’t exactly intimidate opposition pitchers. For one thing, they have a first baseman who sets hearts aflutter whenever he climbs over the .200 mark.

It’s time for the Bobby Dalbec test drive to end.

They are ranked No. 22 in home runs with 75. No club that calls Fenway Park home should be that feeble.

Anyone Bloom finds who can enhance the Red Sox’ chances of making the playoffs is worth a shot.

It requires no grand analytics to understand that once in the playoffs, getting and staying hot can send any team on a fun ride.

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