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Red Sox should be looking for trade-deadline bounty

As the trade deadline approaches, it is an annual rite of sizzling weather season to speculate on what the Red Sox might, or should, do.

After Friday night, there are only three remotely reasonable answers:

Find someone who can throw a baseball 6-feet, 6-inches without it being returned on a 440-foot flight at well more than 100 miles per hour;

Do absolutely nothing and hope the four spots below the Yankees in the American League East remain sufficiently muddled to hold a backdoor to the playoffs;

See what the team’s top commodities can bring in a trade.

Well, Friday night’s embarrassment, a 28-5 loss, was not just appalling. There are many other applicable descriptions that even a priest can mutter, and a ton that would require divine forgiveness. But, that really isn’t the point.

In the big picture – and this team’s management loves affirming its commitment to the big picture – it sets a clear road for Chaim Bloom to walk between now and Aug. 2:

Hit the market with all hands available to any club willing to pay top price.

And anyone means anyone. That includes Xander Bogaerts, Rafael Devers, and any other man that could draw a drooling suitor to the table.

Does that mean simply giving up on this season?

Absolutely. Yes. One thousand times, yes.

This team is going nowhere but home in October. It isn’t good enough to go anywhere but home.

It needed pitching even before Chris Sale went down. It needs a first baseman that will not flail at every two-strike ankle-high or eye-high breaking ball. It needs a center fielder who won’t hopelessly search the twilight skies, then turn around and watch the right fielder retrieve the ball it as the batter prances around the bases for an inside-the-park grand slam.

Jarren Duran hadn’t done much to make his case as a bona fide big leaguer. Friday night, giving up on the play after losing sight of a fly ball, he made his case for a cab ride to Worcester.

Or is there a more effective way of telling a kid that visiting minor leaguers need to act like big leaguers if they want to stick around? The fact that Duran is almost as weak a hitter as Bobby Dalbec makes that call all the easier.

The Red Sox are floating around the .500 mark. There is nothing dramatic in the offing that is going to change that. They are a mediocre ballclub on merit.

If they can wheel an attractive deal, particularly involving players that will soon command  higher salaries than they may be willing to pay, they should pull the trigger.

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