Someone remind Celtics they have won nothing yet

Losing one game in a seven-game series, even the first one, should not be cause for despair.

The first one may represent an inkling of what is to come. But it does not rise to the level of “all-importance.”

We should understand this because broadcasters do not refer to it as all-important. And if there is not a graphic provided for the folks at home to visually reinforce its all-importance, it simply cannot be consider all-important.

The good folks at TNT tip-toed up to the all-important pronouncement but did not cross it. After all, if they declare a series decided after one game, that cannot be good for ratings, right?

Well, considering the legion of fans who simply relish the thought of the Boston Celtics stumbling into an early summer, that may not be right. Then there are those who simply relish the thought of the Boston Anythings being nudged off a playoff cliff.

But there is one certainty to be gleaned from Monday night’s Game 1 of the Celtics-76ers conference semifinal series:

If they keep playing like that, they’ll be lucky to reach the all-important Game 5.

There is little need to cite each of their sins. Their free throw shooting has been a nagging concern since the first pre-season game. Their ability to hold the Sixers to one shot per possession evaporated when they most needed it. Philadelphia was without its best player.

Oops … sorry about that. Some of the flaws were so clear they are difficult to submerge.

This should have been a comfortable win. James Harden, who clearly is lugging increased tonnage up and down the floor, all-but made up for Joel Embiid’s mending right knee.

Doc Rivers may have to strap Embiid to a chair to keep him off the floor in Game 2. As he watched Harden shred the Celtics for 45 points, he had to be thinking:

If that tubby old man can score 45, I can score 70.

Maintaining a sense of urgency remains a component of any athletic competition that must be judged visually. And the eyes had it Monday night.

The Celtics looked like they were thinking about where they’d be partying when their work shift ended.

And because of that, they made Wednesday night something that is rarely, if ever seen by championship contenders.

Stay tuned for the All-Important Game 2.

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