Fenway Park

Yankees come to town … tickets are available

Is Wild Card Fever Not Gripping Hub?

Watching Wednesday night’s ugly loss to Tampa Bay, there appeared on the TV screen a note: Tickets for this weekend’s Yankee series are available at …

Really? It is possible to mosey on up to the ticket window and ask “What are the best you got?”

It seems as though that has been an impossible dream for years, if not decades.

Realizing that attendance so far this season is a shade down at Fenway, as it is for Major League Baseball in general, maybe this shouldn’t be startling.

The reasons for this – high ticket prices, high gas prices, slow games, $10 beers – are best pondered on another day.

But this is an invasion by the Yankees, enemy of all enemies.

The Evil Empire comes to town and tickets may be had from someone other than a scalper offering standing room at $100 a pop?

Regardless of the American League East race, this is difficult to fully absorb.

Granted, by the time the National Anthem stops echoing in Kenmore Square, it is quite likely that the lyric little bandbox will be stuffed.

It’s good to know that there will be a contingent of true fans chanting obscene taunts and raising all sorts of hell.

They will easily drown out the jewelry rattling emanating from the corporate boxes.

The first Yankee game these eyes witnessed at Fenway Park was a mid-week night game in May, 1974. The park may have been half-full, if that.

Of course, Fenway had yet to acquire its status as a world-class tourist attraction and the Red Sox had yet to reach previously unimaginable heights of popularity.

Ultimately this may not be of great interest among the folks who will be there or those who will be watching from their couch.

But the Lords of the Game should take note, even if they publicly dismiss the notion that this is worth a moment of concern.

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