Stand pat – let trade deadline pass

A better day is coming, Patriots fans.

Tuesday marks the NFL trade deadline.

That means there will be no more talk of trading a sack of tooth picks for a better quarterback – unless someone out there thinks Mac Jones has actually slipped all the way down to Kirk Cousins territory.

Which isn’t to say Jones wouldn’t be available at any price.

When a team is 2-6, everyone is available at the right price. At least they should be.

But the Pats shouldn’t unload anyone who has top-shelf trade value – as short as that list is – and stock up on draft picks. 

In fact, it says here that wheeler-dealer Bill Belichick should do nothing unless another GM is willing to be completely foolish.

This team has problems that cannot be solved by a trade or two. A bushel of draft picks may not do it, either, unless those picks are all ready-made NFL starters.

In Miami the failures were multi-dimensional. The offense stunk, the defense stunk (at all the worst times), special teams stunk, coaching stunk …

They all have to play better, coach better, blah, blah and blah.

Trade them all.

Or trade none of them.

Door No. 2 is the right choice.

It’s not about tanking. Linebacker Josh Uche has reportedly drawn the most interest on the market. He looks like a player whose star is still rising.

Why trade him? Would the 2024 Patriots be better with him or without him?

The handful of young, burgeoning stars should be the team’s foundation.

What advice would we offer Belichick?

Dear Bill:

Have your best friend Nike in his NFL Draft chair. Tell him to keep both paws on the table, snatch up the speaker phone and spit it out like a well-worn tennis ball.

Or just have him barking and yipping and yapping until the man on the other end hangs up.