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Brady and Arians are great pals … really

Bruce Arians says that Tom Brady’s un-retirement from quarterbacking has nothing to do with his retirement from coaching.

Brady says Arians’ retirement from coaching has nothing to do with his un-retirement from quarterbacking.

It is nothing but pure happenstance that Brady announced his un-retirement on March 13 and Arians slipped behind the curtains into the Buccaneers front office on March 30.

Such intrigue is rooted in the notion that public comment need not be rooted in truth. Politicians have known this for years. Celebrities understand it the moment they appear on the cover of a supermarket checkout rag.

Sports celebrities were not far behind.

Their public prattle should draw as much skepticism as any of the others. And when it comes in the form of a printed statement the skepticism should be greater.

Written statements may or may not actually be authored by the person whose name is on it. No one’s conversational tone is reflected in their official statements.

So, having grown progressively wary of written statements over the decades, here is one man’s opinion:

Bruce Arians will not continue serving as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because Brady didn’t want him.

Tom Brady will continue as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because Arians is no longer the head coach.

Is there tangible evidence to back this up? Nope. Not a shred.

This is borne solely from cynically singed common sense.

It was widely reported late last season that Arians and Brady were butting heads over the sorts of things QBs and coaches might well occasionally disagree.

Brady is not about to share those clashes publicly. It’s safe to assume that his official interviewing poodle, Jim Gray, does not have that question squirreled away on an index card.

The Bucs were bounced from the playoffs in the second round by the eventual Super Bowl champion Rams.

Not a shameful exit, but not enough for Brady to feel motivated when putting his 44-year-old bones on the line.

Too many more moments establishing Brady as a mere mortal and TB12 profits may take a hit.

It is also notable that there were quality QBs on the market and the Bucs didn’t make a big play for any of them. Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz … well, maybe not Carson Wentz.

Watching other quarterbacks scurry here or there did make the the Buccaneers seem conspicuously disinterested.

“Nah; we’re OK with Kyle Trask or Blaine Gabbert.”

By the middle of the season none of the hollow official statements cited above may mean much.

But new Bucs coach Todd Bowles would be wise to run any important decisions past his QB before acting on them.

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